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All garage doors are guided by the door rollers in order to move up and down in a track. Due to this fact, door roller is also referred as the guide wheel. For the door to move freely, the rollers are extremely important. To ensure that they move freely and give you an ultimate performance, you have to lubricate the door rollers periodically. The rollers have bearings which roll. These rollers often get noisy and sticky. So, it is important to lubricate them often and you can easily do this with a little oil. The rollers may, however, be beyond lubrication when they seize up. In such a case, they become unusable and you will need to replace them. They get really noisy and this becomes torture to your door and of course unbearable to your ears. Replace garage door rollers or garage door opener when they are worn out as it will ensure a smoother and quieter operation.


To check for broken or malfunctioning garage door rollers, you can count on Tulsa Garage Door Experts. We can come to your home and conduct the following tests:

  • Inspect the rollers. Garage doors have a wheel which is mounted to spin easily on the metal shaft. All the time, this metal shaft should move within the hinges freely. Accumulations of rust and other glop cause the lowermost roller shafts to seize up. We will lubricate them with a spray and make them loose. If the procedure is ineffective, then garage door roller replacement is an ideal solution. Garage door roller replacement cost provided by us will definitely fit into your budget.
  • When the bearing wear is excessive, the rollers are caused to bind against them and also against the garage door track. We will check if they may be twisted or off center. Move the door up and down and observe if any of the rollers seem to bind. Check whether the door moves smoothly and at what point it hangs. If your roller is at fault, then the major problem will occur when the roller is in the tracks curved part. In such a case, garage door roller replacement is the only solution.

When your rollers malfunction or are broken, trust us to replace garage door rollers in Tulsa. Remember if you plan to replace garage door rollers by yourself, it can be very dangerous. So, leave it to the experts, they will do this job for you.

We have experienced and skilled technicians who can offer you quality garage door roller replacement parts. You can find the rollers in three places- top, middle and bottom part of your garage door. Our technicians will assist you in identifying the faulty rollers and will ensure that they work efficiently. We have many years of experience in this industry and we are one of the number one choices in door repair, maintenance, inspection, garage door installation services in Tulsa.

Tulsa Garage Door Experts offers its services to residential areas. In case of replacement, garage door rollers replacement, cost will be reasonable. Since garage doors are used frequently, they are meant to function efficiently at all times. We, at Tulsa Garage Door Experts, have this in mind and that’s why we have put together a team of friendly and experienced team who work with you to ensure you are left satisfied when you garage door rollers fail.

We assure you that our garage door repair technicians will replace the broken rollers quickly and with the minimum interruption in your schedule. You simply need to dial our number whenever you require our services and we will be at your place within no time.