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For a larger shelf life, regular upkeep and maintenance is a must. Automated and hands-free door openers have led home owners to overlook faulty garage doors.Tulsa Garage Door Experts offers all kinds of garage door repair and maintenance services in Tulsa OK. We are 24*7 available with our prominent services in Tulsa OK.

Repair and maintenance of garage door springs, rollers, drums and cables requires specific tools and procedures require knowledge and hence must be handled by specialists.

Signs that indicate the need for garage door repair or maintenance:

  • Extra force or effort to open or close the door
  • Noisy and shaky doors
  • Unbalanced doors
  • Two years or more since last servicing

Our garage door maintenance services include:

  • Visual inspection of garage door cables, springs, rollers, pulleys, cables and mounting hardware and thorough monitoring of each component.
  • Lubrication of movable parts such as hinges, springs, rollers and door hinges., door hinges and
  • Unbalanced doors hasten damage, resulting into cables jumping off the door drum, separated hinges, door ajar in opening, bent and cracked panels, faulty circuit boards, excessive operational noises and other issues. Appropriate repair and replacements are carried out.
  • Inspection and adjustment for proper mounting, fastener replacements and other hardware of Garage door tracks. Torsion or extension springs are adjusted as per the safety standards.

For a free consultation regarding extensive inspection and evaluation of your home garage door system, call us.